A Busker's Account of the Kind and Friendly People of Knoxville

One Man and His Horn: Knoxville Day 1

After playing in downtown Dandridge for an hour yesterday, I head to Knoxville and got there around 11:30. I went to Market Square and there was a Farmer's Market going on in the middle of it, I arrived at the perfect time. I walked through, to the center of the market and asked if it would be okay to play. The woman said yes. I went off to the side and set up and got started around 11:45. It was a great spot, lots of people and they were friendly....

I played out there for just over 3 hours and had a most wonderful time. The people of Knoxville are kind and friendly. I spoke with several people throughout the night.... In some aspects, the people here reminded me of the people in Montgomery, warm and welcoming. When I was done playing, I asked by several people when I was coming back. I told them I wasn't sure, so this morning I decided to stay for a second day. I am thankful for the opportunity to go and play a second night in Knoxville.

—Jamesrinalduccijazz's Blog, jamesrinalduccijazz.wordpress.com, Aug. 25, 2011