Another Unexpected Visitor Won Over

What people are writing about Knoxville on the Web

Daydream Delightful, Chicago resident Kristina's fashion blog, recently documented her road trip, the last stop being Knoxville. Although things start out on a familiar refrain—"Though it wasn't originally on the list of places we wanted to see, it was a convenient rest stop between Asheville and Chicago..."—her impressions of our fair city soon turn more favorable. Noting Gay Street's preponderance of theaters, bars, and restaurants, she notes that at night "it seems to come alive with people, music and good times." Her explorations included Market Square, street performers, and the art alley, of which she says, "You never know what you might find when you're not looking." We agree! Perhaps this could be our new city motto? Kristina sums up her Knoxville experience with "It may not be a big city, but it has plenty to offer," which might work, too.