Kids Corroborate The Darndest Things

Last Thursday just after 8 p.m., a Knoxville police officer responded to a theft in progress on Strawberry Plains Pike. But this was not your average mugging or purse-snatching—it was worse, another in a series of uniquely East Tennessee crimes in which suspects feel compelled to include their children in dangerously stupid hijinks.

By the time the officer arrived at the scene, the suspects had fled… with the victim in hot pursuit. At speeds up to 80 mph, they headed to the Knox County-Jefferson County line. The officer in pursuit notified Jefferson County authorities and they were able to apprehend the speeding vehicles.

The suspects, a male and female, had children in the back seats. The victim, a woman, had a man riding with her. After separating the two parties, the officer found that the couples were actually acquaintances. They admitted to partying and doing pills together. The officer reported that the female suspect seemed to be high during the incident.

The male suspect said the two parties had met so he could collect $160 owed to him by the victim. He claimed he threw the money out the car window during the chase. Furthermore, he produced a witness: One of the children riding in the suspect's car confirmed his story.