K-Town Cat Burglar Strikes Out

We've all heard how crime doesn't pay, but one local criminal had to find out the hard way.

On March 27 at 1:40 a.m., Knoxville police officers went to the Hardee's on Western Avenue to investigate a burglary. The thief appeared to have been especially well prepared for the heist, prying the restaurant's drive-thru window off the wall with a screwdriver. In true cat-burglar fashion, he was wearing gloves and a ski mask, and quickly unplugged the security cameras after breaking in. So effective were his efforts that the KPD crime lab couldn't lift any fingerprints. A professional job.

After securing the scene and using a K-9 unit to check the restaurant for suspects, the police alerted the store manager, who came to see what items had been stolen.

The big pay-off: a glass jar containing approximately $10 in change and some small bills missing from a safe. All other valuables seemed to be in place. Apparently, the master thief broke into the wrong safe.