It's the Details That Make Vandalism Special

"Chalking" refers to that age-old tradition of writing bold, white lettering on your vehicle touting a new marriage, a witty jeer, or feverous school spirit. Typically, these expressions are rather quaint in nature—but there are some nefarious characters in this world looking to expand the chalking vocabulary.

According to a Knoxville Police report, last Monday three Knoxville-area teenage girls had driven their parents' cars to school in order to catch a bus chartered for a softball game. Parking them behind the school's field house, one of the driver's friends chalked some non-inflammatory sayings on one of the cars, giving everyone, driver included, a whimsical chuckle. All present then boarded the bus, taking the chalk with them.

On their return later that night, however, they found a bejeweled retort: Someone had not only chalked highly obscene phrases on all the cars, but had also coated the slurs and profanity with an application of glitter glue.

Go team!