The Intangible Benefits of Having a Large College Football Program

In which this is not an example of one. So, UT football's gonna get less, um, embarrassing soon, right? What with the 5-7 record last season, the hiring in of a controversial young coach following Phillip Fulmer's resignation, then that young, controversial coach turning out to be sort of a loudmouth, the fans are due some good news. Well, the following may be more for those of you with a grudge against Orange-and-White bedecked SUVs jamming up what would otherwise be your pleasant autumn Saturdays. Enjoy.

According to the police report, a UT football prospect was visiting campus for a recruitment drive in late January, when he began having too much fun (read "arbitrary and mystifying violence"). On a night in late January near one of the university's dorms, he started slamming into the side of a UT student's Honda Civic, tackling-dummy-style, causing huge dents to the car. The student reported the incident to a member of the coaching staff, who told her to go to the police. Guess the guy wasn't that great a prospect.

Kate McClaskey contributed to this report.