Ice Bears: Frequent Fighters

Knoxville Ice Bears, grrrr! According to, Ice Bears forward David Segal is the fightingest player in the Southern Professional Hockey league, with 20 fights for the 2010 season as of January 30. He is way out in front—no. 2, Louisiana Ice Gator Dennis Sicard, has just 14—so far. Segal's not new at this: His 2009-2010 regular season fight card totalled 29; 2007-2008, 24, and 2006-2007, 25.

Here are some non-pugilist numbers on Segal:

Birthdate: Aug. 22, 1985

From: Vancouver, BC; Canada

Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

Weight: 170 pounds

The Ice Bears themselves rank third in the league for total fights, with 44. No. 1, with 51 fights, is the Mississippi Surge, followed by the Louisiana Ice Gators with 48.