How the Homeless Have Income

The homeless are using more food stamps this year, just like the general population, according to Homelessness in Knoxville/Knox County: 2008, the latest installment of the groundbreaking research by Dr. Roger M. Nooe, a sociologist, sponsored by the East Tennessee Coalition to End Homelessness. Homelessness 2008 is the 13th study of homelessness in Knoxville-Knox County in a two-year period, and indicated that more homeless listed "work"—up almost 5 percent—as their primary source of income. "Although work was the largest category, it included day labor," writes Nooe in his analysis. "This has been consistent in all studies. The ‘other' category included various sources such as shelter allowances, child support, trading, and prostitution." Here's how respondents described their sources of money: