How could this have possibly gone awry?

Shuffling off the mortal coil by your own design is often referred to as "taking the easy way out." Not always an accurate description, though, as illustrated recently when one North Knoxville man decided that he'd had enough. It was his time, his time to explode. Late on the evening of May 26, the man—after having a few cocktails—told his wife that he was going out to the shed to end it. His plan? Simple. He was going to blow himself up. To do it, he said, he was going to tape a firecracker up to some spray paint cans, douse the setup in gasoline, and then lock himself in the backyard storage facility, presumably with some kind of lighting implement to get the thing going. But, as mentioned before, he told his wife the entire plan in detail. And he was in the back yard, less than one hundred feet from his wife in the house. And, also, like many people, she has access to a phone. And he was drunk. And, this type of thing rarely tends to work for the simple reason that assembling and implementing a firecracker-paint-gasoline bomb is probably too difficult to do for anyone drunk enough to think one up, anyway. So, it was good that the police showed up before he had a chance to do it, though calling it "lucky" may be a bit of a stretch.

Bailey Swilley contributed to this report.