Homeless Check-Cashing Scam

According to a police report on an incident that occurred Oct. 20, Georgia interlopers may be shamelessly using less fortunate people in Knoxville to commit their crimes—and then allowing them to take the fall.

According to an employee at Pinnacle National Bank on Northshore Drive, a man entered the bank around 2 p.m. and attempted to cash a counterfeit check. The check was made out to him from the Pinnacle account of a Tennessee business. After the employee recognized the check was counterfeit, she called police. The man left the scene before police arrived, but the employee informed officers that she has seen homeless people come in to cash forged checks before.

Police found the would-be check-casher nearby and took him into custody. He told them that a male and a female in a silver car with a Georgia license plate approached him at Knox Area Rescue Ministries on Broadway and told him he could make a percentage of the check if he cashed it. He said he did not know the subjects' names or that he was doing anything wrong; he said he had fled the scene because he became scared when the bank employee called police.