HIV/AIDS in Tennessee

With a healthy fistful of events marking World AIDS Day in Knoxville on Tuesday, Dec. 1, it's a fitting time to check in on just how many people from our state are living with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis. While people are living longer with HIV/AIDS—20,305 people with the diagnosis currently reside in the state—new cases are also on the rise, with 70 more people first diagnosed in 2008 than were diagnosed in 2007. Here are the figures, broken down by gender:

HIV/AIDS cases among persons in TN, by year of diagnosis and sex

Year: 2006/ 2007/ 2008/ Cumulative cases through 2008

Males: 690/ 735/ 786/ 15,285

Females: 291/ 266/ 285/ 5,020

Total: 981/ 1,001/ 1,071/ 20,305

Source: Tennessee Department of Health