High-Speed Biting

On Sept. 19, Knoxville police responded to an incident of domestic assault at a location both original and highly dangerous—the interior of a car traveling over 70 mph down Interstate 40.

The victim reported eating breakfast with his girlfriend at O'Charley's when she began screaming at him across the table. He asked to be taken home and they left in her car. Once she drove onto the interstate, he said, she began biting, hitting, and scratching him. When the victim pleaded to be let out, the suspect threatened to purposely wreck..

The victim said he successfully turned off the car and took the keys, forcing the suspect to pull the car to the shoulder. He fled and crossed a ditch, but was stopped by a chain-link fence. The suspect chased him to "apologize," promising to drive him home if he got back in the car. He did, but said he was once again assaulted. After another short drive, the suspect let the victim out and threw his belongings onto the pavement. She left and he called the police.

When officers arrived the victim had visible bite marks and scratches on his arms, chest, neck, and face. As he gave his report to police, the suspect placed a 911 call and claimed her boyfriend had struck her as she was driving. The officer completed the victim's complaint, then met the suspect, who had no visible marks. Here's hoping the two won't make more plans for breakfast outings.