Here Come the Kings of Wake

Watch out for waves! The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour is headed to Knoxville June 27-28 at Volunteer Landing. Here are some of the important numbers:

  • 12 countries providing pro wakeboarders for the event: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, France, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Tahiti, South Africa, Mexico, Canada and the United States
  • 5 event series races for pro men for MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour
  • 3 Knoxville's stop on the five-part series
  • 8 total events in 2009 that qualify men for King of Wake: the Wake Games, the WWA Wakeboard National Championships, the WWA Wakeboard World Championships, and all five stops on the Pro Wakeboard Tour (including Knoxville)
  • $300,000 prize money over the eight-event King of Wake season
  • 25 mph speed of the Pro Tour tow boat
  • 15% of score based on air: raley-based tricks, grabs, straight airs, tweaks, pokes
  • 22.5% based on spins
  • 27.5% based on "tech"—flips, rolls, flips or rolls plus 180, raleys plus 360, flip or roll plus spin
  • 20% based on rails
  • 15% overall impression— intensity, execution, grabs and overall look

Tickets available at the gate or online at