Henley Street Bridge Meeting, Round II

Because you're a loyal Metro Pulse reader and wait with bated breath each week to devour our incisive, timely, and irreverent copy, you read every last word of Jack Neely's cover story last week on the upcoming renovation of the Henley Bridge. Every. Last. Word.

So of course you know the Tennessee Department of Transportation is planning to widen the bridge from five lanes of traffic to six when work begins sometime next year. And you'll also recall there's strong support for retaining the current five lanes and using the extra space to add bike lanes.

Well, that support became official last week when the City of Knoxville administration announced it would ask TDOT to do just that. And people say the printed word is dead!

Sure, the City cited "widespread" public support for bike lanes at its public meeting last month as a key factor in making this recommendation, but of course they're not going to come out and credit Metro Pulse—that would show too clearly the truly awesome power this publication wields, revealing how the liberal media elite controls all aspects of life here and crushing the illusion of democratic governance you constituents so desperately cling to... Oops. Never mind. Hmmm. Just finish your Nut Brown, order two more and don't think about what you just read.

The bike lanes aren't a done deal, though. TDOT must approve this suggestion, and a second public meeting explaining the City's recommendation will take place in the small assembly room of the City-County building on Wednesday, Jan. 27, at 5:30.