Helping How Many Homeless?

The newly opened Minvilla Manor includes 57 one-bedroom apartments and efficiencies for chronically homeless men and women who have a disability. But that's only one program from the Volunteer Ministry Center, which works with homeless individuals to achieve housing within a definite and limited period of time. Here are a few of VMC's 2009 successes, and the cost to provide them:

• 90 individuals were assisted into housing in 2009; 63 of them chronically homeless

• Since 2007, almost 250 individuals achieved housing through VMC

• Volunteers served 44,301 meals in the Resource Center and donated 8,803 hours total in 2009

• Volunteer clinicians at the VMC Dental Clinic performed 1,028 procedures

• The VMC Holiday Store served almost 400 families in need

• The Bush Family Refuge helped 4,262 individuals and families with such issues as rent and procuring eyeglasses. Almost $40,000 went to direct assistance, often ensuring someone did not fall into homelessness.

VMC's 2009 revenues totalled $1,523,300, with $664,900 coming from contributions, $763,400 from fund-raising and grants, and $95,000 from rent.

VMC's 2009 expenses totalled $1,474,000, with $1,109,000 going to program services, $120,000 to administrative costs including salaries, and $245,000 to fund-raising costs.

Source: Volunteer Ministry Center Annual Report 2009