'Help! That Man Has My Entrée!'

Boasting an abundance of restaurants and shops, Market Square is generally considered an excellent spot for a nice dinner and night out on the town. Certainly, it's not thought of as a dangerous place to dine. But certain events that transpired on the Square on Aug. 15 may inspire diners to choose to be seated inside.

According to Knoxville Police Department reports, a local woman was enjoying her lunch on the patio of a Market Square restaurant when she was approached by a curious character. The suspect, as described by the victim and an employee of the restaurant, was a white male with dark hair—balding on top and flourishing on his chin. He was accompanied by a woman clad in purple pants who was tugging a small black dog along on a leash.

The bearded man walked up to the victim's table under the pretense of making conversation about the dog, but he quickly abandoned social niceties, grabbing all the food from the woman's plate and fleeing on foot.

He was soon located by police at Broadway and West Depot Avenue and was escorted back to the restaurant, where the foodnapper was positively identified and then arrested.

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