Healthy Eating Up In the Air

United Airlines was ranked healthiest when recently released its 2010 Airline Food Survey ratings, and US Airways received the lowest rating. Here's a sample of the calorie-conscious website's recommendations (five stars=highest rating) for some airlines that fly into McGhee-Tyson Airport:

United Airlines: ****

"Go for the Tapas; it has some great foods, including almonds, olives, hummus and bruschetta."

American Airlines: *** 1/8

"The Premium Nut Blend is a strong nutrition choice, but make sure to split it with at least two other people... The remaining choices don't offer much in terms of nutrition."

Delta Air Lines: ***

"Delta's individual snack choices are not very good, but their meal choices on longer flights are reasonably healthy... [On longer flights] your best bet is the Breakfast Snack, which has light yogurt and a fresh banana... "

Continental Airlines: ** 1/2

"If you have a family of five or six (not very likely) and wanted to split the almonds, it's really the only snack choice that has real nutritional value..."

US Airways: *3/4

"The CafePlus is not terrible because at the very least you get the protein from the tuna, and it's low in calories... The Breakfast box is very high in calories and offers little in terms of nutrition."