The "He Double-Dog-Dared Me" Excuse

How far are you willing to go in order to avoid being labeled a "wuss," or the ever-so-belittling "chicken"? For one Knoxvillian, it's apparently committing an incredibly embarrassing act of grand theft auto.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, a woman received a call on July 18 from a male witness who said he had seen her yellow preschool school bus traveling down the road. Only she was not driving it at the time. Realizing she was near the vehicle's location, the owner called the police and then began following the bus and its mystery driver herself. The suspect soon crashed the bus into a telephone pole, jumped out, and fled the scene by foot.

Later receiving a call that the suspect may have been found, police met up with and detained the suspect at a local Hardee's parking lot. During questioning, he admitted to stealing the bus.

What was it that inspired the suspect to steal the school bus, which led to a damaged bus and several charges for the culprit? His friend dared him to.