Gotta Snatch 'Em All

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

Trading-card gamers can be fiercely competitive when it comes to completing their collections, but as one Knoxville teen recently learned, trading cards isn't always fun and games.

The Knoxville Police Department received a report of a theft from a customer of a games store in West Town Mall. The victim says he exited the store out of the back and went to the parking lot where other customers gather to trade cards. He had an appointment to trade with two others he hadn't met before and was carrying his card collection in a large binder. When he arrived at the trading spot, one of the suspects grabbed his binder of cards and fled to his vehicle with the other suspect.

When officers arrived, they instructed the victim to make a list of all the cards that were stolen. In the meantime, he received another sort of card, one that can't be traded—a case card.