Give Me Everything You Got

In which she did

Crime, like high-impact aerobics or jogging, can be a high-paced and frantic game. And, like aerobics, it can be famishing, as a Knoxville pizza delivery woman discovered on the night of Feb. 14. The woman was driving around the Fourth and Gill neighborhood that night when she became lost, unable to find the address she was looking for. After driving around in circles a bit, she was approached by two men. She opened the door to ask for directions, when one of them flashed what appeared to be a weapon at her, casually saying, "I'm gonna need some money from you." Because this type of thing happens, pizza delivery drivers typically don't carry a lot of cash as a safety measure. She forked over the $25, but it seems that wasn't enough. So, before they left, the men made sure to snag the two pizzas she had as well.

Kate McClaskey contributed to this report.