Getting the Old-School Boot

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; and you will go far." Theodore Roosevelt originally popularized this West African proverb—a treasured piece of wisdom for presidents, kings, and the occasional soccer mom for generations. It was especially inspirational for a Northwest Knoxville man this past Thursday.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, officers were notified in the early afternoon of a physical altercation at a local apartment complex. When officers arrived at the scene, the victim claimed he had been attacked by an employee of a local parking business, who had arrived at the complex to remove a boot from the victim's car. While the suspect was removing the boot, the victim had informed the man that he was going to have his vehicle towed from the property because it was disabled. The suspect angrily told the victim that the vehicle's inoperation was a separate violation and quickly began to reattach the boot.

Taking the advice of Teddy, or perhaps Jackie Chan, the victim suddenly began waving his cane at the man in a threatening manner. The suspect shouted a formal warning —"Old-school, stay out of my case!"—pushed the victim to the ground, and grabbed the cane. When the victim attempted to call 911, the suspect pushed the phone out of his hands, but not before the victim retrieved his cane and struck the man. He obtained only minor injuries from the throwdown.