Frappuccino Bandits Apprehended

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

Parents and concerned friends can usually observe the tell-tale signs that someone they know may be experimenting with drugs. They might add a new item to their list: Frappuccinos.

On the afternoon of Aug. 1, a Knoxville Police Department officer observed a young man walking around the CVS on Western Avenue, drinking a bottled Starbucks Frappuccino. The young man spotted the officer and then began replacing items on the store's shelves with the help of another person. Both suspects walked by the officer and then sprinted out the door without paying for the Frappuccino. The officer caught up with the two shoplifters and demanded they sit on the sidewalk.

While the officer questioned them, they confessed they had not only stolen two Frappuccinos but were also planning on stealing Sudafed, which they intended to resell for $40 to an acquaintance of theirs who cooked meth. One of them said that if this acquaintance doesn't have the cash to pay for the Sudafed, he sometimes pays with an amount of meth of an equivalent value.

No word on when the stakeout of local Starbucks will commence.