Fight For Your Right to... Fight?

Ah, closing time. When the beloved regulars finish up their final round and head out blearily into the night. And the not-so-beloved irregulars, well.... Talk to anyone who has served as a barkeep and you're sure to hear a story or two about disorderly patrons who weren't ready to leave after the final bell. That's one thing bouncers are supposed to help with. But every once in a while, further assistance is needed.

Such an incident befell one of our beloved Market Square watering holes. Just after 3 a.m. on April 29, the bar staff was preparing to close up when the employees noticed two men wrestling. The commotion got out of hand—tables toppled over and glasses shattered on the floor. The bar's bouncer ordered the grappling gentlemen to stop fighting and exit the premises. However, one of the fighters was not amenable to this suggestion. Instead, he struck a waitress—which was about the time the police were called. Then the assailant turned on the bouncer, striking him in the face and biting his chest before finally being subdued. By the time officers arrived, the perp was in custody at the front of the bar.

Although the bar staff did not want to press any charges, the combatant was not so forgiving—he claimed he would sue the bar and the Knoxville Police Department. Over what is still hazy, but it is clear in the police report that the unruly patron was arrested for intoxication.