Zane Lamprey: Three Sheets in the Wind

A Q&A with Zane Lamprey, host of Fine Living Network's travel-and-drinking series Three Sheets

As the host of Fine Living Network's Three Sheets, Zane Lamprey travels to far-flung destinations around the world and explores local drinking habits. Metro Pulse caught up with him when he visited FLN's Knoxville headquarters earlier this month to shoot some promotional clips.

How did you convince a producer to pay you to travel the world and get drunk?

We don't talk about that, because I don't want them to figure out that's what they're doing. No, at the time I was doing an MTV show, it was a companion show to Punk'd, and I auditioned for a Food Network show. They said, "Wow, you're really not right for the show. But we do have another show, Three Sheets, that's about to start production. You'll travel the world and drink, if you're interested." I said, "Yeah, I might be. Call me when you're ready to make a move." They called a week later, and a week after that I was in Seattle shooting the pilot.

Would you be doing pretty much the same thing if it weren't your job?

Absolutely not. I'd be doing something completely different. I just started out as a regular guy learning about booze. I'm just a guy who some people consider funny experiencing things and giving my reactions. I like that I'm an everyman, not an expert. But somehow along the way I became sort of an expert.

Since it is your job, do you still go to bars as much outside the show as you used to?

Yeah, I guess I do. But we shot the last episode four months ago so I've been out of it a while. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is go out and have a drink. When you do something for your job, on your days off that's no longer a leisure activity. After 20 or 30 days on the road for the show, the last thing I want to do is go have a drink with my friends.

And you drink pretty intensely on the show.

It may seem that way, but that's not always the case. I'm having a local experience—when I was in Wales we did a bar crawl and they took me to 12 different bars, so I had 12 beers. I certainly don't make it my mission to get inebriated. Sometimes it's a hazard of the job, but it's not my objective.

What bars did you visit in Knoxville?

I went to Preservation Pub. I spent the next day on the river, and then some friends wanted to take me out to eat at an Irish pub. An Irish pub? Really? I come to Knoxville and you want to take me to an Irish pub? Come on, I want some barbecue. So we went to Calhoun's.

Did you find anything exotic about Knoxville's drinking culture?

No. Nothing exotic. But when my buddy showed up he had a jar of moonshine. You guys have it here—moonshine, Jack Daniel's, some really good beers. There's a good argument to be made about why we should do a show here.

What did you drink while you were in town?

What didn't I drink?

Are you drinking right now?

I'm hammered. Oh my goodness. No, I'm not drinking right now.