Warning Signs of Abusive Behavior—And Who to Call for Help in Knoxville

Here is a list of common abusive behaviors, according to YWCA's Victim Advocacy Program—though they also caution that each situation is individual and unique:


Controlling behavior

Pressing for quick involvement

Unrealistic expectations—of their mate, a child, or an animal

Attempts to isolate a person from friends and family

Blaming others for problems and stress

Blaming others for his/her own feelings

Hypersensitivity (Victims may feel like they have to "walk on eggshells")

Cruelty to animals or children

"Playful" use of force in sex

Verbal abuse

Sudden mood changes

If you or someone you know needs help with domestic violence issues, call the YWCA Victim's Advocacy Program

865-215-6383 services in English

865-257-6785 o 865-257-6786 servicios en Espanol (services in Spanish)

865-521-6336 24-hour local crisis line

865-523-6126 YWCA Knoxville