Vols by the Numbers

An economic index of curious statistics relating to the playing of Vol football in Knoxville

Total Budget for the University of Tennessee 2008-2009 (Proposed): $1.65 billion

Total State Cuts from 2008-2009 Budget: $21.2 million

Cuts from UT-Knoxville Campus: $11 million

Total Athletic Department Budget for 2008-2009 (Proposed): $104.8 million

Total Athletic Department Budget for 2005: $82 million

Total Athletic Department Budget for UT-Knoxville Campus 2008-2009 (Proposed): $87.5 million

Athletics Budget for UT Knoxville in 2005: $69.2 Million

UT-Knoxville Athletics Department Percent Increase from 2005 to 2009: 26.4

Proposed Research Expenditures for 2008-2009: $58.4 million

Research Expenditures for 2007-2008: $80.1 million

Percent Decrease: 21.7

Total Football Revenues for 2007 (Ticket sales and concessions): $26.3 million

Annual Student Fees for UTK Athletics: $1 million

General Budget Money (Which Includes State Tax Dollars) Spent on UT-Knoxville Athletics Department: $0

Average Sales for a Single Knoxville Restaurant for the Entire Year, 2004: $844,217

Concession Sales for UT Football, 2004: $2.4 million

Estimated Average Knoxville Area Football Fan Expenses Per Day, 2004: $29.50

Estimated Average Out-of-Town Football Fan Expenses Per Day, 2004: $55.60 for day-trippers, $160 for overnighters

Number of Attendees in 2003-2004 Season: 735,269

Number of Athletic Department Jobs, 2004: 255

Number of Web search hits that include the words "Vols," "Tailgating," and "Beer": 80,100

Average Number of Drinks Consumed by College Sophomores on Non-Game Day Saturdays: 1.8

Average Number of Drinks Consumed by College Sophomores on Game Day Saturdays: 2.99

Total UT Police DUI Arrests in 2006: 86

Number of UT Football Players Currently Under Suspension for DUI: 1

Graduation Rate of UT Football Players in 2007: 39 percent

Average UTK Graduation Rate in 2007: 52 Percent

Graduation Rates for Other SEC Schools' Football Teams in 2007: 88 percent for Vanderbilt; 45 percent for Alabama; 45 percent for MSU; 36 percent for Arkansas; 35 percent for Florida; 30 percent for LSU

American Median Annual Income for Bachelor's Degree Holders in 2008: $47,240

American Median Annual Income for People Who Attended College, but Did Not Earn a Degree: $32,264

Annual Income of UT Football Coach Phillip Fulmer Under Current Contract: $2.4 million

Annual Income of UT President Dr. John Petersen: $432,165

Average Income of Full-time UT Instructional Faculty Member (2007-2008): $72,828

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