Test Your Knox Q: A Knoxville Trivia Quiz

How much do you really know about this city called Knoxville?

1. Who is believed to have introduced college football to East Tennessee, around 1889?

a. Nathan Dougherty

b. Major Robert Neyland

c. Kin Takahashi

d. George Cafego

e. Sam Heiskell

2. Which point is farthest north?

a. Farragut City Hall

b. Ijams Nature Center

c. Webb School

d. Lakeshore Park

e. Sequoyah Hills Park

3. Which of the following is not honored by an annual Knoxville festival?

a. beer

b. biscuits

c. bacon

d. bluegrass

e. Gioacchino Antonio Rossini

4. Which of the following is not regularly available in downtown Knoxville?

a. steamed hoagies

b. venison and blueberry sausage

c. goat-cheese crepes with walnuts and artichoke hearts

d. bacon chocolate-chip cookies

e. Brazilian shrimp BLT

5. Which of the following nations did not sponsor a pavilion in the 1982 World's Fair?

a. Saudi Arabia

b. Mainland China

c. Egypt

d. Ireland

e. Japan

6. Of the following, who is literally a native Knoxvillian?

a. Congressman Jimmy Duncan

b. UT Basketball Coach Pat Head Summitt

c. Secret History columnist Jack Neely

d. Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino

e. Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale

7. Dr. John Mason Boyd, honored with a prominent marble porte-cochere on the Knox County courthouse lawn, was:

a. the professor of jurisprudence who founded UT's law school

b. a surgeon who assisted in one of the first successful hysterectomies in medical history

c. the schismatic minister who founded Second Presbyterian Church

d. the public physician who founded the Knox County Health Department

e. a popular and successful snake-oil salesman later exposed as a fraud

8. Which of the following projects was actually completed?

a. Sentinel Tower

b. the East-West Mall

c. Universe Knoxville

d. the Vendome

e. Knox County Justice Center

9. Which of the following sports was played in Knoxville first?

a. baseball

b. football

c. basketball

d. bowling

e. golf

10. Which of the following area communities is not incorporated as a city?

a. Alcoa

b. Farragut

c. Halls

d. Louisville

e. Friendsville

11. How many acres of Knoxville are devoted to public recreation?

a. 96

b. 297

c. None. Due to an oddity in the city charter, none of them are considered truly public, but only leased to the city by private owners.

d. 542

e. 1,854

12. Of the following, which man was not shot to death in downtown Knoxville?

a. prominent businessman and Market Square co-founder Joseph Mabry

b. attorney and former Confederate General James Clanton

c. prominent bank president Thomas O'Conner

d. newspaper editor, columnist, and St. John's choir member James Rule

e. former Confederate Colonel Henry Ashby











1. c (He was a Japanese student at Maryville College.)

2. b

3. d

4. a (It was once a common downtown Knoxville lunch, but a rarity now.)

5. d

6. d

7. b

8. d (But that fancy apartment building on Clinch, equipped with Knoxville's first French restaurant, was completed in 1890 and torn down 50 years later.);

9. d (A "bowling saloon" was on Market Square by 1859; the first baseball game was played here in 1865; the others came much later.)

10. c

11. e

12. d (But Rule was badly wounded when he was ambushed on his way into church by a party angry about a column he'd written about local public health services. He died very young, perhaps as an indirect result of the injury.)


1-6 correct: You may well be mentally stable.

7-9 correct: You are borderline obsessive.

10-11 correct: Seek help now. Do not delay.

12 correct: The only reason you don't have Jack Neely's job is that you don't like the salary