Spanky Brown's Vol Videos

While Spanky Brown is trying to position his AM 1180 morning show for syndication, thus focusing on national sports, the Vols in his own back yard have proved irresistible for video parodies. He works with music directors 40KEL and DJ Twinkie in Memphis. "I met them doing press at Q107 in Memphis; they were rapping movie reviews. They also did my intro theme." Here are the four YouTube videos the three have collaborated on:

Get Off of Crompton

"Jonathan Crompton, everybody's been so hard on that kid. We just felt like, look, he's the best we've got. Instead of dogging him, let's get behind him. To his credit, now the kid is draftable, he looks as big as any quarterback in the country." For this one, they used the classic N.W.A. gangsta rap song, "Straight Outta Compton." "It's gotten well over 4,000 hits in three weeks."

Tennessee Freshman Robbery Rock

This is to the tune of "We Will Rock You" by Queen. "It's UT freshmen in the worst attempt to rob someone ever," says Brown. "They should've known they'd get some ridicule. I bet they even laughed about some of it if they heard it."

Mike Slive Movie

To the tune of "My Guy," a catchy tune about SEC Commissioner and famous coach-finer Mike Slive. Includes a yearbook photo of Lane Kiffin.

Coaches Got Fat

"This song is coming out the week of Dec. 7. It's about all the oversize coaches in the NCAA, to Sir Mix-A-Lot's classic, ‘Baby Got Back.'"