Some Knox Blogs of Interest

City Blog

About: "Our mission is to bring readers, both local and from afar, an insiders view on the latest news, events, and happenings in our area. We publish genuine, unscripted content in a positive voice from a multitude of writers. As a labor of love we share little pieces of Knoxville with our readers that we appreciate and take pride in."

Mom Blog

About: "Like the Partridge Family, only without the singing. Or the bus."

Tiki Blog

About: "Swanky is Tim Glazner, creator and organizer of Hukilau and collector of Polynesian Pop. He created the first carving seminar for Tiki carvers and helped organize Tiki Eyeball at the Aku Tiki Room in Illinois. He is a writer for Tiki Magazine. He produced the Tiki Daze calendar and was voted "Best Mixologist" by Metro Pulse magazine. He is into Midcentury culture and Tiki is a part of that."

Literary Blog

About: "Joshua Robbins—Originally from the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area, I received an MFA from the University of Oregon and am currently a Ph.D candidate at the University of Tennessee where I teach poetry and fiction writing, and serve as editor for Grist: The Journal for Writers."

Smoky Mountains Blog

About: "Welcome to the Reflections Of The Smokies Blog. A place where I can share the visual beauty of the Smokies and take a moment to Reflect on this Land Of The Blue Smoke."

Illustration Blog

About: "I am a picture book author/illustrator, raconteur, and cat teaser. I firmly believe picture books are not just for children."

Juvenile Humor Blog

About: "Dave And Thomas are Knoxville, Tennessee's most unusual duo. We strive to find you the most intellectual news about beer, movies, midgets, and Salma Hayek that money can buy. The Dave And Thomas posts are riddled with various satires, parody, and wildly inappropriate material. We've been known to make colossal mistakes in our fact findings and usually just end up making up our stories. Don't take any perceived facts or interviews on this site too serious. We don't."