A Small Selection of Knoxville Tweeters

Knoxville has such a prolific twitter community, it's amazing any work gets done in this town at all. Here are few of our favorites:

Suzy Trotta @suzytrotta

(Local Real Estate Agent)

"I'm going to add "Magician" to my business card if I pull off this deal. Is there a NARdesignation for that?" 16 Nov

# Foreclosures


Real Estate

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Denae D'Arcy @Denae Darcy

(Cute as a button on a Barbie Doll local news anchor)

"Was about to FREAK ‘cause I could hear someone talking right outside my window in the rain. Neighbor walking her tiny doggie. Awww." 4 hours ago via web

# News



Bob Becker @TennMtnHome

(Tweet-happy local weather man)

"Peace Out-- Hope everyone stays dry and avoids any high winds tomorrow or tonight" 1 hour ago via web

"@TheMrsFoolMonty Did you find the Video of The Dirty Bit I told you about on a DM Yesterday??" 14 hours ago



Pop Music


Stanton Webster @stantosterone

(New dad and recovering chef)

"Woo Hoo! Finally home, car unloaded and a drink poured! Next stop, Neyland Stadium to cheer on the #VOLS" 27 Nov

"Why is it that Awesome Uncles always marry Evil Aunts? I mean for real #ladyisatramp" 25 Nov

# Vols



Victor Agreda Jr @superpixels

(Editor-in-chief of TUAW.com)

"Time for another patented dorky maneuver." 25 Nov

"Last night a D.J. saved my life with a song. Related: Dancing is forbidden." 24 Nov

# Computers



The Modern Gal @themoderngal

("Shameless Self-Promoter")

"The Modern Mother-in-Law apparently ran into Ke$ha at TJ Maxx today. Our Thanksgiving dinner stories should be entertaining." 23 Nov

"I am standing behind a hipster kid who's talking about ... wait for it ... his TRUST FUND. I am not even kidding." 5 Nov

# thewonderoflife