Sidebar: A Selection of Commentary Lowlights

How bad or weird or silly can the anonymous comments at get? Here's a small sampling:

Authorities charge 2 men in horse sex case (Oct 20, 2009)

Christ_Puncher writes:

Oh Wilburrrrrrr!!!!

jamcomm writes:

Neah means Neah!

TensenDolkar writes:

Oh good Lord.

ghostofplayin writes:

When I read the headline before clicking on it; I said a small prayer...Please Lord don't let this be in Roane County. Thank you Lord!

Epaminondas writes:

Some of y'all need to get off your high horses. Everyone knows you should start with something smaller like a goat or Shetland pony... Leave thoroughbreads for the professional

Torture-slayings trial, Day 9: Victims' families: Jury ‘let us down' with Letalvis Cobbins verdict (Aug. 26, 2009)

Ratchet writes:

Lethal injection is too good for him. He should be executed by being repeatedly raped, kicked and beaten in her groin area, hog-tied and stuffed inside a trash can to die.

pdparker14 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Rebelnicky04 writes:

Amen to that Ratchet and I think that her dad should be the first one to do the kicking. I am so sorry for these family's losses.

byrdchik writes:

who cares what his family has to say?? i dont care what kind of childhood he had or how much his family loves him!!!! there is nothing in this world that can excuse what he took part in or the pain and suffering he has caused these two families. i am not refering to his family either. i hope his family can get past the embarrasment of being associated with him and prove to the world that they are not all like this monster and his brother, the other monster. i dont see how they can plead for his life after all there was no one listening when channon and chris pleaded for theirs.

Dogmom writes:

If I were a member of Cobbins family, I would have been absent from the proceedings as well. I can't believe they actually showed at this point. I would be so ashamed I would have to change my name & move far, far away. If, during Cobbins childhood, they knew he had "problems" and did nothing, they are guilty as well for the creation of this animal and his unleashing on society.

debroberts54#598507 writes:

This story is sickening. What was going on in the minds of these animals while they were torturing these innocent people? How can you possibly do things so terrible to people that have done nothing to you. I know there is a nice hot seat for all of them down below.

aotay writes:

They are not human. They are animals. Humans could not have done what they did and it is a pure hate crime. Where are the people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when something like this happens. These murderers are disgusting and anything short of the death penalty is an easy sentence and should not even be considered.

pickett56 writes:

Wow...that's all I can

columco writes:

Letalvis was born to a teen mom who was 17, if I heard correctly, and yowza he was her third child. She was or became a crack addict. She and Dad were in and out of Letalvis' life. Aunt Rose filed for custody due to neglect and abuse and became Letalvis' defacto mom. After Aunt Rose died when he was 13, Letalvis lived on streets and in homeless shelters. He attended 17 schools. He's the poster boy for American tragedy. Teen moms giving birth, keeping the kids, often without resources or ability to cope, putting a drug addition ahead of everything. Unmarried moms. Absentee dads. Disjointed, chaotic lives. Bad education. Little reason to hope or develop true ambition to produce rather than destroy. Not much to do. Little inspiration. Unengaged by life. Few dreams. Little to give. This is no way to raise kids but our society has given it the green light. It happens far too often. And too often, this is the result. Mayhem. Destruction. Death. What a waste.

banjorand#582560 writes:

They deserve the DEATH PENALTY & a provision to not let the legal "SYSTEM" DRAG IT OUT FOR 20 YEARS...ridiculous...Very sad that the VICTIMS DIDN'T HAVE PISTOLS!!

columco writes:

Poor, poor Christians. They know what none of us ever want to know. My heart goes out to them. I hope that this turns out some way that can give them some small crum of comfort and that they will be able to go forward. God bless them.

jms writes:

I agree with you. No one death is punishment enough for what "the talvis" did to those poor kids. Such a shame that so much taxpayer money has to be spent to accommodate pieces of human waste like this.

I think the state would do itself some good and let a firing squad consisting of citizens who are allowed to fire one round each (all at once) into him for the price of $500. I bet there would be lots of people who would pay money to be a part of his execution. And you could charge people 10 bucks a pop to witness it. Wonder how much money that would generate?

W. Knoxville pet groomer charged with cruelty in dog's death:Owner of Happy Tails Pet Resort also facing DUI charge (May 29, 2009)

ksherr0 writes :

death penalty? folks we are talking bout dogs, dogs. they have no soul. another thing, keep dogs out of the stores. i am tired of seeing little dogs with women everywhere.

MyNameIsNobody writes:

You have no unearthly idea what you are talking about. Every living thing has a soul, if you have a problem with little dogs and women you need help. Go back to your little cave and see if you can find your soul.

do_what_now writes:

You people put way to much into a bunch of dumb animals. To tell you the truth, if I see a mut standing close to the road where it could cause an accident, I will hit it if possible and it's not so big as to dent my car.

mountainlaurel writes:

Karma is a b*tch, do_what. :) It'll be fun for all who feel it when you get yours. :)

ccjs writes:

If I see your child on the side of the road where it could cause an accident, should I hit it?

What you are talking about is animal abuse and you can go to jail for it. Better, yet, we will put you on the side of the road and take turns aiming at you.

KnoxSleuth writes:

They will love that hairdo in cell "tossed salad." He will learn all about the doggy in there.

MyNameIsNobody writes:

If I were to see you do something of the sort I would make sure your car had a dent in it, most likely from you empty head.

Correction chief says putting all killers in maximum security would be costly, State Sen. Burchett wants law to put first-degree murderers in maximum security cells (Nov. 3, 2009)

siedpup writes:

How about we follow thru with the executions of those who are sentenced to death and that will clear some of the beds for new inmates. Could just possibly slow some of the crime down as well.

Texas has an express lane to the needle, we need one too!

johgloh writes:

I agree.

Texas has an express lane to the needle, we need one too!

tnvarmit#526548 writes:

I'm for that also. If they ask GOD for forgiveness fine. That's between then and Him. I noticed the thief on the cross who asked forgiveness was forgiven. But still had to pay his dues for his crimes in this world. This was a thief condemned to death not a killer. Yet we still can't manage to bring justice to Cold Blooded Killers? Two things help make a safer society. Having swift but for certain justice carried out and a well armed people to discourage Perps from ever becoming preditors to start with.

1212K6 writes:

I too wonder why we have people in jail for penny ante crimes along side with cold blooded murderers,pedofiles,brutal rapists, and lets not forget big money swindlers (executives)who rob people of their hard earned retirement. Seems like a chasm in sentencing

scknowsit writes:

Easy, do like China, bullets are cheap and charge the family. Case closed. At least they got something right.

schwamee writes:

You guys are so tough. Walking tall, gimme death, hang em high, smoke em out! My money is that all you idiots on here vote for Burchett cus' he's tuff on crime! Why, he's a fiscal conservative that would send yet another state program into the red to score political points. "I'm not trying to grandstand....." well, why not father some legislation that would try to ease the burden on our state's prisons, get smart on crime for a change. (i.e. decriminalize certain behavior, promote real job training programs for offenders, increase headstart and afterschool programs) Exploiting tragedy is the lowest of low hanging fruit. Let's see some real solutions, Mr. Burchett.

State marries same-sex couple; marriage ruled invalid (May 12, 2009)

Onetiredamerican writes:

AMEN!!! I came from an alternative family. My father and his partner were together longer than my parents were married, and my mother is on her third marriage. My dad and his partner were there for me, more than my mom and her family. They were very supportive and when my father died, his partner was not allowed to make any decisions on my father's behalf. My "step-father" is still in my life and will be until my dying day. If the church doesnt want to reconginze it, thats fine, I have no problem with that. But they have to undertand, they are hurting themselves more than helping. Legalize same-sex marriage, and move on. Instead of supporting families, these so-called Christians are tearing families apart to make their point. What would Jesus do? Love everyone like he has loved you. That most important verses in the Bible and they seem to only use it for their own.

wlvol writes:

What WOULD Jesus do? He said love everyone BUT do it in HIS way of love. He doesn't like same sex lifestyle. Look it up for yourself. It is fantastic how your gay parents were there for you. But what WILL jesus do in the end times for those who have this lifestyle, well, I'd read up on what GOD says about it. BTW, those would be HIS words, not mine. So, people bash me all you want, not being 2 faced, only stating what bible says about it. I had a gay college roomate but that didn't bother me at all. I didn't like his lifstyle but that didn't make him less of a person.

leatherneck322 writes:

"What would Jesus do? Love everyone like he has loved you."

You are correct that Jesus does love everyone but you miss the mark when it comes to not tollerating the sin. Men with men, women with women, humans with animals is know and will always be a disgusting abomination in the site of GOD. Do not confuse the love of our Lord Jesus Christ for the approval or acceptance of sin.

pdowned writes:

> in response to HappinessRuns :


Sorry, we have a state constitution, and that's the law of the state, not your opinion. The will of the people of Tennessee was clearly and overwhelmingly in favor of marriage between a man and woman. So, move to MA, VT or ID if you want your brand of "equality".

visionquest writes:

Christian will continue to fight against the blatant shoving down the societal throat of the left wing agenda but, and this is a big but, according to prophecy this will happen and it will be in abundance. The heart of humans is evil and they wax strong toward the perverted. Take heart Christians the Lord is our salvation and will bring us out at the appointed time.