Sidebar: Bacon Pimps

I love bacon, it makes everything better... I even add it to songs! Tennessee River Bottom Blues is about several river trips I have taken with fellow musician friends from the area, and it starts out, ‘Makin' Bacon in the middle of the night; Right on the fire by the summer moonlight; Been singin' sad songs all night long; Been on the river since the break of dawn.'

—Trisha Gene Brady. Brady will perform bluegrass and honky tonk with Upland South and Friends for the "Bacon-Off" portion of BaconFest 2010 on Saturday. Feb. 27

My ‘come to Jesus' bacon moment was when our crew was following the whole hog category at the Memphis in May barbecue for a show I produced called The Competition. It was late at night and we are standing very close to a whole roasted pig and this guy asks me, ‘Have you ever had bacon?' and I'm like ‘Of course I've had bacon,' and this was really quite disgusting. He reaches in the pig's belly, grabs a handful of meat, ‘Here, eat this.' Oh my God, it was so beautiful. It's one of the foods that you eat, and you are forever happy that you did.

— Zak Weisfeld, executive producer, Jupiter Entertainment

I'm like Will Rodgers of bacon... I never met a pig I didn't like!

—Mike McGill, bluegrass honky tonk musician who will play BaconFest

Bacon is the meaning in my life, my inspiration. You can grill it, bake it, boil it, or fry it. You can wrap things with it or wrap it in things. It has the smell that makes all other foods jealous because it lights the hunger up in all of us. I love me some bacon.

—Dan Goss, managing partner, Downtown Grill & Brewery

My Facebook ‘religion' status is ‘bacon.' I love bacon in all its forms, although I will say nothing tops a piping-hot slice (or small pile) of pure bacon. Locally, my favorite is Magpies' maple bacon cupcake (white cake with bacon crumbles and maple frosting, jauntily topped with a small piece of bacon), because who doesn't love cupcakes with bacon and real butter frosting? As a side note, I do not weigh 400 pounds.

—Jennifer Webster, sponsored programs administrator, The University of Tennessee Office of Research

For me, bacon is a nostalgia thing. Don't get me wrong. I love the crunch and salty flavor. Nothing like it but because you don't get up during the week and fix bacon and eggs unless you're June Cleaver, it always reminds me of the weekend. My dad would fix breakfast on Sundays and he fixed bacon then. And always enough for a BLT later. I know, I know. I could go out and get my bacon fix at a restaurant throughout the week but it isn't the same. Good bacon takes time to cook right and the rewards are divine.

—Ric Brooks, master scheduler,Dalen Products, Inc.