Rep. Gloria Johnson's Legislative Action

In her first session as a state representative, Rep. Gloria Johnson sponsored or co-sponsored the following bills. (Keep in mind that Democrats were outnumbered by Republicans 70-28.)

She sponsored:

HB0369—Allows teachers in multiple subject areas necessary time to take required Praxis Exams. This bill was passed.

HB0043—Scenic Vistas Act, which prevents alteration of ridgelines above 2,000 feet. Action on bill was deferred to 2014 in Agriculture and Natural Resources Committees, but created a national stir when the Tennessee Conservative Union endorsed it and cut a TV commercial denouncing the export of Tennessee coal to China.

HB0676—Authorizes online streaming of Election Commission, Ethics Commission, and other meetings. It did not receive a second in House committee but passed in Senate.

HB0735—Allows students who qualify for both Aspire and Merit Scholar awards to be able to receive both, thus keeping the best and brightest students in Tennessee. Made it through Education Committees, but not Finance.

She co-sponsored:

HB0394—Community Gardening Act, intended to empower local governments to establish community gardens as well as encourage participation in gardening and eating garden produce. Passed House, sent to Senate.

HB0927—Anti-bullying bill for schools. Action deferred to 2014.

HB1264—Addison Sharp Prescription Regulatory Act of 2013. Passed.

HB0412—Bill allowing cosmetologists to provide services in the homes of disabled or homebound. Passed.