Pop Quiz

What we asked candidates in the County Commission races

Note to our readers: We sent out a short survey to all the County Commission candidates asking them to demonstrate their political priorities, as well as their general Knox County political chops. We've transcribed their answers throughout the story. Here are the questions:

Our Problems:

The group Knox Accountability has identified seven amendments it would like to see added to the Knox County Charter. Each represents a problem the group's leadership says it has seen manifest in Knox County government. We're not asking you to tell us your opinion as to the proposed charter changes (but please do if you'd like), but we would like to know which of these problems is the worst, most potentially damaging to good government?

• Nepotism and cronyism

• Conflicts of interest for voting representatives

• The size of county commission

• Commissioners working in other county government positions

• Waste, fraud, and abuse from a lack of oversight

• A lack of openness as to possible conflicts of interest

• A lack of efficiency and accountability in the Executive Branch

Your General Priorities:

As a public servant, which one of these is most important to you?

• Open government

• Fiscal responsibility

• The concerns of your home district constituents

• The concerns of the whole county

• Governmental efficiency

The Issues:

Which of these comes closest to being what you'd call your "key issue?"

• Crime

• Taxes and the county budget

• Development

• Education

• County Hiring Practices: Making sure merit and experience count

Folksy Nickname:

Please make up a folksy nickname for yourself (a la "Lumpy" or "Tank") and explain why you picked it.

What do you think Knox County will look like in 2025?