Poker Games With a Knoxville Spin

If places like Omaha and Texas can have poker games named after them, so can we. Here's a slate of Tennessee-themed variants you can call at your next dealer's choice night.

Haslam Hold 'Em: Our governor doesn't want anyone to see his financial records. Similarly, in this version of Hold 'Em, the player to the left of the dealer—designated "The Governor"—is dealt an extra card down after the three-card flop that he or she does not have to show anyone until the final reveal.

Amazon Ante: Even after locating a big ol' warehouse operation in Tennessee, Amazon is being protected from having to collect and pay state sales taxes. In Amazon Ante, the first player in a seven-card stud hand to have an ace dealt up is exempted from paying the ante for that hand. (This can be applied to any game in which cards are dealt up.)

Seven-Card Stacey: In honor of our no-gay-sayin' state senator, this is seven-card stud dealt as usual (two down, four up, one down). But any player with two face cards showing of the same gender—two queens, kings, or jacks, or a jack and king—is automatically folded.

Summitt Style: The Lady Vols outperform their male counterparts year after year. So in any game played "Summitt Style," queens become the highest face card.

Black Wednesday: Commemorating the notorious day when members of Knox County Commission violated Sunshine Laws in appointing new commissioners, this is a version of Omaha in which each player gets to designate their own wild card from the five cards showing on the table. Wild cards do not need to be declared until hands are shown.