Metro Pulse Big Ears 09 Coverage

All you wanted to know about Big Ears 09, with continuing, live coverage

Key players, their stories, and their show times.

"The roots of the Big Ears Festival go back to 1979, when Ashley Capps booked his first show, a performance by the free-jazz cellist Tristan Honsinger at the Laurel Theater. Capps has made his professional reputation in the years since as the head of AC Entertainment, one of the biggest concert promoters in the Southeast and co-founders of the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tenn. But back then he was a 23-year-old University of Tennessee student and part-time DJ on WUOT 91.9 FM, interested—even obsessed—by contemporary jazz, modern composition, punk and New Wave, and international music. Nobody else was bringing the artists he wanted to see to Knoxville, so he started doing it himself."

Live blog coverage from a collection of staff members and Metro Pulse contributors.

"[Neil] Hamburger was "funny" as ever, his comedy-routine-as-comedy routine and unpredictably terrible (often in two senses) punchlines sharpened for the Big Ears occasion ("okay, we're going to tell a few jpkes, and then someone is going to come out and shit in a bowl to high pitched noises") (which i probably just butchered), but perhaps the funniest thing was the high-spirited, high-volume young lady at the bar, guffawing and squealing in delight (even cutting down the setup to an extended series of Heath Ledger gags with "i love him!") to such great effect that the never-shy Hamburger had no response to it, instead saving his ire for punchline-steppers and earnest requests of "classic" material."

Art Director Travis Gray Twitters his experience.

"BIG EARS: was matmos' "civil wars" more of a rock album or a pop album? MTE says rock. I say pop, so it must be pop."