Knoxville Crowd-Funding Project Updates

How are some of Knoxville's other crowd-funded projects coming along? Here are several campaigns that exceeded their fund-raising goals.

Marina Orchestra's New Album: Oceans

Project Manager: Justin Powers

Goal: "Marina Orchestra has always relied on their fans to bring life to their live performances, now they need your help to bring life to Oceans. For less than ten times the cost of a cup of coffee you can have a part in creating the next Marina Orchestra album!"

Amount Raised on Kickstarter: $5,215 on Dec. 2, 2013

How's It Coming Along? "We've finished recording, mixing and mastering! The artwork has also been completed by our beloved Katie Ries! It will be hitting the printers in just a few days. After that we will be having our CD release party at the Pilot Light on Feb. 7."

How Would You Describe the Overall Experience? "Stressful. The whole time it was going on just felt like a ball of stress shoving my head down into my stomach. I also found myself just a little ashamed of asking for ‘free money.' Now that I've been through the whole process, I would say that it is absolutely not ‘free money.' We have put more time and effort into the Kickstarter then it takes to actually produce an album. And in that sense it is rewarding to see that hard work come to fruition."

The Eight Six Five

Project Manager: Jody Collins

Goal: "The Eight Six Five will be a website dedicated to showcasing the positive pockets of Knoxville, TN."

Amount Raised on Kickstarter: $2,486 on March 3, 2013

How's It Coming Along? "I just received the second round of proofs from my coder. I'm reviewing that, making some little tweaks. Originally, I thought it'd all be wrapped up mid-2013. But the mixture of my day job, community outreach (I'm on multiple non-profit boards), and coordinating with folks who donated items to use as rewards for the Kickstarter has delayed the project. I'm hoping it'll be up and going soon, but don't want to tether it with a date, 'cause I've shot that before. But, in the end, it will be up and running."

Could You Have Gotten This Far Without Crowd-Funding? "Where I'm at now? Yes. Long term, the site attempting to be ad-free? No. I could have piece-mealed out everything, paying for it out of pocket. But luckily I have friends that are amazing and caring people. They chipped in in a way that still astounds me. That money's sitting in a separate account, waiting for closer to launch."

Amazig Leathers

Project Manager: Brandi Jordan

Goal: "A social enterprise committed to producing high-quality leather goods and honorable employment with Imazighen artisans in Morocco."

Amount Raised on Kickstarter: $6,786 on Oct. 18, 2013

How's It Coming Along? "Our crowd-funding project ended in late October, and our first shipment of bags arrived mid-November and were sent out the same week. The funds we raised via Kickstarter were used to complete the final payment on our first shipment of bags. We are also currently working on our spring line and our CEO is in the process of transitioning to Morocco, where all of our artisans are from, to spearhead our social initiatives there."

Could You Have Gotten This Far Without Crowd-Funding? "I can't say no 100 percent confidently, but I also don't know how else we would have pulled it off! I can confidently say that we would not have been able to get the amount of exposure that we did as quickly as we did without Kickstarter. Several of our backers were from all over the world, and I had no previous connection with over half of our backers."

Tales in Flight Documentary

Project Manager: Michael Samstag

Goal: "Tales in Flight: the inspiring stories of Dogs in peril and the Pilots who fly them safely home."

Amount Raised on Kickstarter: $20,626 on Oct. 21, 2013.

How's It Coming Along? "We have finished principal photography and are about to lock picture so the music composer can begin scoring the film. The first version of the film will be done in February."

Could You Have Gotten This Far Without Crowd-Funding? "Of course, but it may have taken another couple of years to complete and we would not have had the ability to spend a week on the road shooting in South Florida with a full crew. The film is definitely stronger as a result of our successful Kickstarter campaign."