incoming (2007-16)

Stay out of the frenzy, coach. Go celebrate with the Lady Vols and forget those media sharks. Imus will get his spanking from his bosses and come back a bit humbled and will probably become an advocate of women's basketball. Let him be. If you must say something to him, just thank him for creating the stir that got Anna Nicole off the headlines.

Woody English

A Little Joke

Brooks Clark

To the Summitt

Chad Sexton

Mix It Up

Vivian Leitner

Empowerment Zone

If one examines Tarantino's body of work, one will find that not since Reservoir Dogs has he neglected to feature strong, interesting female characters. From smaller roles like Uma Thurman's Mia Wallace, to leads like Jackie Brown, to full-blown ass-kicking ensembles like those in Kill Bill and Death Proof , Tarantino's women go above and beyond Hollywood's expectations (while still looking muy caliente , of course). Death Proof begins as a damsel in distress flick, but quickly turns that old chesnut on its ear when the women not only save their own skins, but do so with a macabre delight--when they could turn around and live happily ever after, they instead choose to hunt down misogynistic Stuntman Mike, terrorize him as he did so many other women, and make sure he doesn't see another day--all with gleeful smiles on their faces.

I feel compelled to write this letter because when I saw the movie, I was the only woman in the audience, and that's a shame. In a week where other gory films include The Hills Have Eyes 2, Dead Silence, and 300 , Grindhouse is probably the least - sploitation of them all, be it sex- , blax- , or other. Yes, as Crowe writes, the hot women in the film are definitely a selling point for the boys, but they should damn well be a selling point for female moviegoers as well, if not completely for the reasons he presents in his review.

Casey Fox

Justice in Black and White

But if the colors had been reversed, and a young black couple been so cruelly butchered by four whites, the cry of "hate crime" would be universal across the United States. Black ministers and the media (no doubt including you), white liberals and the NAACP--all would be denouncing the crime, demanding a speedy trial, and calling for new laws.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and also so is "hate crime."

Arthur Chesser

Guns and Poses

Those of you who believe differently are doomed to lose in your opposition to common-sense legislation that will drastically restrict access to firearms. It won't happen tomorrow, and may not happen for years to come, but you will lose this fight. At one time gun deaths were largely restricted to those living in poverty. As long as these poor (read: non-voting) members of society bore the brunt of gun violence, politicians could safely pocket the NRA's dirty money and stall any substantive legislation dealing with guns. But in more recent times, gun violence has begun to strike repeatedly at middle America, killing suburban children in places like Colorado, or young men and women of promise in Virginia. Their lives are no more valuable than those of our more economically disadvantaged brethren, but the truth is that their deaths garner far more attention. It saddens me that this is what it will take to galvanize our elected representatives to action, but the simple fact of the matter is that sooner or later the voting classes in our nation will force our government to protect the nation's citizens, rather than the profits of the gun industry.

Scott Hendrix

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