incoming (2007-14)

Dear Knoxville. A thousand more upscale condos and several hundred more Peytons can't ever rival the prestige of having played home to that extraordinary woman's girlhood.

Jack Mauro

A Matter of Choice

Heather Varner

History on Repeat

At least that is what any amount of credible research will conclude, and what one who has viewed the evidence and jury verdict of King Family vs. Loyd Bowers and other unnamed Co-Conspirators (Shelby County) must conclude. This was a 1999 civil case in which the King family sought no prosecution, only truth and $100 in damages. It could be argued that the national media conspired to deprive the family of that truth which was so well documented in this case, because very little press attention was given to what may be one of the trials of the century, let alone verdicts.

It's safe to assume that bad things happen in towns with notorious official corruption, like Dallas, Los Angeles, Memphis, and many others, and it's safe to assume that, like the vast majority of Iraqis and Americans, King would be opposed to the Iraq War and post-occupation (he might also be repelled by the arrogant formulation that we must join in the civilian death of Iraq to prevent civilian death in America.) The Riverside Church website has some philosophy on the connection between both wars, and the book, Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King , thoroughly explores the conspiracy to "kill the Dreamer," as Nashville songwriter and former official MLK assassination investigator Gary Revel puts it. In celebration of that great man who was so maligned by our government and its agencies, we should all hoot with contempt at this current war and demand its end, and look into the circumstances of King's death.

Nate Arthur

God Bless Incoming

This has been pushed by the liberals, and was being pushed by, as they listed all the Christian Bible teachers on TBN as "ministers of hate," for saying homosexuality is sin.

This will create the first religious prisoner in American history, and it supports "thought crime" legislation.

Spread the word for those citizens in the know to contact their leaders to keep free religious speech in the Christian churches, and the freedoms that our founding fathers supported us having. The freedom to debate any issue from a religious viewpoint, as well as a scientific viewpoint! Let's not sit back and let our legal rights to debate the issue of homosexuality be taken away from us, and let censorship of our religious worship step in!   

The libertarian saying that "if they take away their rights today, they will take away our rights tomorrow" applies here. If they can censor the Bible, make it the first book to be banned, what book will be next? I am sure it will be banned first, just as in Nazi Germany, where politically correct laws were passed called "good speak," and of course led to making the Bible illegal, and being burned in the streets!

We are on the brink of the beginning of though crime legislation, and horrible censorship. No group will be immune to this kind of legislation if we let Pandora's box be opened!

Carrie Scoggins

Due Process

For decades UT had been burdened with flawed search processes that did not involve meaningful input from faculty, staff, students, alumni and campus administrators. In the wake of the resignation of John Shumaker, and as a result of pressure from the different Faculty Senates on the UT campuses, Gov. Bredesen insisted that the process be reformed.

A resolution passed by the Executive Committee of the UTK Faculty Senate on Aug. 19, 2003 stated (in part) "...faculty have an explicit role in the selection and evaluation of all academic administrators according to the Faculty Handbook; have particular competence to judge the academic qualifications of candidates; have career commitments to their institutions that often exceed by decades the term of service of a president; and are the principal custodians of the institution's history, traditions, mission, and standards. Significant faculty involvement in the selection process promotes consensus regarding the institution's goals and challenges; selection of a president who does not enjoy strong faculty support would present a burden to the administrator and an obstacle to the progress of the University."

Petersen's success has resulted, in part, from a search process that had greater integrity. Let's hope the UT Board of Trustees follow the same process the next time they search for a university president.

Beauvais Lyons

Guidelines for Incoming Mail