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Of course that explains a great deal. How else are we to understand a large segment of our society that supports economic policies aimed at enriching the few at the expense of the many, if not through an understanding that these individuals stand steadfastly in opposition to any attempt to inform them? How else could we explain their continued support for that vastly mismanaged mess which is the Iraqi war, other than by resorting to their willful ignorance? At least we can thank Clark and [others] for shedding light on such mysteries, through the advertisement of their ignorance and opposition to reasoned thought.

Scott Hendrix

Can People

Instead of one lone “Can Man” we’d have an army of can men, women and children picking up every can and bottle they see for the deposit across the entire bloody state. It is so simple! I have talked to state legislators and although originally from New York, I speak pretty good English, yet when I tell them they actually have machines in the supermarkets that accept cans and bottles then issue a credit you redeem inside the store for cash they look at me like I’m from Mars, going, “Really??”

Don’t tell me: “It’s just the South.” There has got to be some graft going on somewhere standing in the way of something that makes so much sense, or perhaps, it is like they say; it’s just the South.

John A. Guerin

Canning the Can Man?

I also call on Mayor Bill, a two-wheeler himself, to reel in his storm troopers. In a society where law is fading into interpretation, surely the Can Man does more good that most.

Many of us came to this scruffy little city seeking knowledge and left behind our innocence, our unpaid parking tickets and our empty beer cans in the streets of Fort Sanders. Without the Can Man, those streets may be ankle deep in aluminum by homecoming. Then what will our two-wheeled coppers do?

Woody English

Wish Granted

Knoxville has a hostel called Knoxville Hostel at 404 Fourth Ave. in the Fourth and Gill historic area and the Maplehurst Inn Bed and Breakfast located at 800 W. Hill Ave in the historic Maplehurst Park area overlooking the river.

Sonny Harben

Curse of the Coin Collectors

Tuesday I parked near the library and slotted two quarters into the maw of a meter. Nothing. It kept flashing that red expired sign. So I wrote OUT OF ORDER on a piece of paper and adhered it to the beast with an old mailing label I peeled off an envelope floating around amongst the aging MP s on the floorboard of my car.

When I came back, my note was gone and a day-glo orange ticket was pressed under my wiper. What’s a concerned citizen to do? Sure, it’s a measly $11. But it’s the principle of the thing. l drove down to the Safety Building to make an appeal. After being told by the nice lady at the window I would have to make a court date, I decided standing on principle was a little too much trouble. I folded like a deck of cards. Then she told me she could send an engineer out to check on the meter and call me back. Wonderful!

True to her word, she called two days later. The meter had been checked before I got the ticket and afterwards and was working both times. The city is expecting a check.

OK. I’ll pay up. But I must have been hallucinating or live in an alternate parking universe, because that diabolical meter ate my coin that day. And since surely no one would be so low as to ticket me in spite of a broken meter, it must be that the parking gods are out to get me.

If anyone has an idea about improving my parking meter mojo, I’d love to hear it.

Jayne Morgan


Lee Gardner

Downtown Spirit

Knoxville suburbia, you have to understand the unwritten rule of downtown gossip—it’s actually very simple: Get as mad as you need to get, be as disgusted/disgruntled or plain old pissed-off as you want to be, and then say what you need to say (hopefully with class and preferably over a glass of wine….).

But remember when push comes to shove, we downtowners stick together like glue. Dangerous, combustible and unstable glue, sure—but we stick with our own.

Scott and Bernadette West are one of our own.

Good luck Scott and Bernadette. Thank you for what you have done for downtown!

Alissa Reeves, Maggie Barta and our 11-year-old daughter who is following the news about you daily

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