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Adding It Up

Fetish Accolades

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The Debate Continues

Now, them shears might well have been the ones Cas used to slash prices all them years ago. And the red “ink” the poem was written in could indeed have been real human blood, drained from the lopped off laig of some forlorn victim of the Sevier County Whitecap Wars.  But it were the next to last line in the third verse that queered the deal for me. I’ll stake my Genyouwine East Tennessee birthright that Cousin Cas never heard of “a dry cabernet,” and even iffen he did, he’d nary once let on that he knew what it was. Fact is, back in the Knoxville of 1956 I doubt if anybody ‘sides some puny UT art perfesser had ever used a cabernet fer ennything other than a place to store yore winter clothes in.

Ronny Venable

Adding It Up

I say, “should be,” because math and science were my worst subjects in public school and college, while my strong subjects were French

language/literature and U.S. history. Indeed, I majored in high school French, as I had the fortune of attending one of the few Tennessee public schools in the 1960s and early 1970s that offered four years of secondary French instead of just the usual two years.  An excellent high school U.S. history teacher encouraged me to change my college undergraduate major from French to U.S. History once I left high school for Vanderbilt University.

While math and science were my worst subjects, I now do realize their importance and do wish that I was more “numerate” (mathematically proficient). I think my problem with the hard science disciplines that I had stemmed from the failure of our high school teachers to show us the interrelationship of all these core academic disciplines to each other. 

Had they done so, perhaps I would have had less difficulty in mastering math and science disciplines. Ironically, while my undergraduate curriculum at Vanderbilt no longer required freshman math in order to graduate, I ended up taking a semester of college math anyhow, as a master’s program that I had intended to enter at that time required at least two semester hours of undergraduate math. I had the good fortune of having a mathematics professor, Morris Marx, who did

In fact, if I ever have the time from my job and other hobbies, I would like sometime in the future to develop more numerate and scientific skills, as such skills might help me in the future with other endeavors.

William Delzell

Fetish Accolades

As the performance coordinator for Temple’s What is Fetish 2.0, I was disappointed to see that the stage performers and our performances were omitted from the otherwise all-encompassing story. I have spent the past 11 years performing all over the Southeast. Knoxville has not had a permanent fetish show since the passing of Knox County Beer Board Code sec 4-74 in 2000. For the past six years, my crew and I have traveled to perform throughout the Southeast, acting as Knoxville’s Fetish Ambassadors and increasing awareness of local and state government’s censorship of our art.

The connections we have made in the fetish communities of other major cities have provided Knoxville’s fetish scene with a lifeline of resources and support. My performers and I have put in countless hours of rehearsal and travel, funding our shows with our own money, often performing for little or no pay, all while juggling careers (I personally have two jobs), families and everyday lives. We do it for the love of our art, and we work very hard to represent

Knoxville well. For many who must remain anonymous, we are the face and voice of Knoxville’s Fetish Community. We are currently working to form the Southeastern Fetish Performer’s Association, which will be a watchdog group and resource for combating unconstitutional censorship of fetish art and obscenity laws.

The performers of Knoxville’s Fetish Community serve an important function that goes way beyond entertainment. Please don’t forget us next time! We appreciate Metro Pulse ’s integrity and willingness to increase awareness of a controversial subject. Thank you again to Molly Kincaid for her top notch journalism. You are welcome in our community any time!

Laura Mullaney a.k.a. Miz Kitty

Cover Women

Males featured on the cover of MP are typically “successful” white Knoxville developers/destroyers dressed in business suits.

What is wrong with these pictures?  It does not take a scholar in women’s studies or gender equity to answer that question.

The annual MP “Best Of” poll should have a special category for what MP is “best at”—promoting sexist stereotypes. Yes, a newspaper can be judged by its cover.

Donna Doyle

The Debate Continues

So Dr. Michael Behe, Ph.D. at Lehigh University, is a crackpot, and so am I, eh? Well, at least I am in good company. I would like to know Haun’s credentials, and if they qualify him to dismiss Dr. Behe as a “crackpot.” 

But, rather than stoop to Haun’s level of name-calling, let’s allow Mr. Haun to demonstrate his scientific acumen in this space. In my letter I mentioned irreducibly complex systems that Dr. Behe writes about in “Darwin’s Black Box.” Mr. Haun, please describe how any of the irreducibly complex systems mentioned in Behe’s book, oh say, the bacterium flagellum, evolved. You did read Dr. Behe’s book, didn’t you? 

In your reply, be specific, show how the system arose intact and fully functional from amino acids, proteins and lifeless chemicals organizing themselves into organisms of greater and greater complexity, simultaneously, into the system, in toto, as it currently functions. It should be a piece of cake for a man of science like Haun; simple, really, just dig up a biology text and apply that old Darwinian natural selection to the problem and tell us.

However, don’t expect Metro Pulse to publish your answer, as it would fill all the pages (and then some) of this publication, with no room left for advertising. Your turn, Mr. Haun.

Bill Stanley

Guidelines for Incoming Mail