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Back-seat Driven!

Definition, Please

Support Palestinian Democracy!

Warehouse Morays

I get in the car and the child proceeds to get in the back seat. I say: “What are you doing? What’s wrong with the front?” Both her mom and the little girl tell me it’s against the law for her to sit in the front seat. Against the law?!

So here’s this little girl awash in this huge back seat. I say to her, “How old do you have to be before you can sit in the front seat?” She replies: “13.” “And how old are you?” “7.” So I say: “You’re relegated to the back seat for the next eight years?” 

Here’s the point, liberal boneheads: Some of the best bonding I recall was sitting in the front seat with my parents or an adult. At 7 you really can’t see anything, but at least you feel included. 

Now let’s hear all your justifications, and your airbag studies. I have one question. How did we survive before all these intrusive laws came in to our lives? It’s seat belts; it’s helmet laws; it’s locking your kids down in the back seat. Next will be anti-smoking laws, mandatory emission- and auto- inspections. Why don’t liberals just mind their own friggin’ business and stop mandating what we can and cannot do with our lives. 

I hate your liberal arrogance, your thinking you’re so much smarter and know better than what individuals can decide for themselves. 

Whether you agree with my decisions or not on how I choose to live my life and serve my family is none of your bloody business. Do you get it?!  

John A. Guerin

Definition, Please

Our founding fathers, regardless of their political party, worked their damnedest to assure that we could live free of that fear! Hearing Mr. Bradbury defend this dictator-like behavior of our president has caused me to become very concerned, indeed.

Bush’s people state that because he’s chosen to declare war on Iraq, (and at no point were we ever in a position of “last resort”), he’s now been given the “right” to arbitrarily decide which laws he can ignore. Poppycock!

One has to wonder why an act of lying over what is inarguably a private event (fellatio) warrants impeachment, yet blatantly breaking laws long established to protect us citizens against spying by our own government, even under the guise (lie?) of “spying only on terrorists...” does not. Sometimes I have to wonder which country I wake up to in the morning.

Mr. Dupree asks, “As to why the citizenry does not seem to be boiling the tar and collecting feathers?” My response: Like the citizens in the old story saying, “Look at the emperor’s new clothes. They’re beautiful!,” the bleating of the “sheeple” saying “All hail King Dubya” has deafened the ear of common sense.

Laura Comas

Support Palestinian Democracy!

Other unpleasant facts include the news that the U.S. government “spent about $1.9 million of its yearly $400 million in aid to the Palestinians on dozens of quick projects before elections this week to bolster the governing Fatah faction’s image with voters and strengthen its hand in competing with the militant faction Hamas” ( New York Times ). In doing so, American officials moved to support a group that earned distinction as one of the most corrupt in the world according to global corruption watchdog Transparency International, which noted in early 2005 that “General elections could provide Palestinians with a chance to elect representatives who are more able, have more integrity, and are more ready to fight corruption,” campaign promises that helped propel Hamas candidates to victory.

We should follow the Bush administration’s recent rhetoric on building democracy in the Middle East, and fully support the Palestinian people and their election choices by increasing aid while calling for resumption of talks broken off at Taba in 2000. The alternative is to use the Hamas victory as an excuse to deny aid and support the continued occupation, which hurts only the men, women, and children of Palestine.

Dane Baker

Warehouse Morays

The Metro Pulse article notes that KCDC has required Mr. Saroff to submit proposal after proposal (proposals on blight remediation, proposals on development, etc.). It is a tragedy that a government agency can harass property owners by requiring them to submit proposals, which can, of course, be rejected for a variety of subjective reasons. The article quotes KCDC Executive Director, Alvin Nance, as saying “we should move forward and seek a new developer.” Nance speaks about this situation as casually as one would speak about finding a new garage to get his oil changed. His statement betrays his underlying belief that the government can take property and give it to whoever they please. This is outright theft and an abuse of government power. If you feel this way and live in District 5, vote for me in August for County Commission District 5 A seat and hold your elected officials accountable to stand up on this critical moral issue.

While I’ve voted Republican through all my voting years, I’m running for County Commissioner as an Independent in protest to the actions of our local Republican elected officials. I’ve certainly been dissatisfied with our local Republican leadership over their shameful silence on property rights and the stealth property tax increase. However, on this critical moral issue of property rights that pits the government abuse of power against private property owners, our local Republican elected officials bring shame to our community. Many of our elected Republican officials should trade in their elephant buttons for ostrich buttons. It seems most are content to bury their heads and allow the government and government agencies to take land and property from individuals and give that land and property to “more favored” or “more capable” individuals. This was done in Germany in the 1930s and was an important sign that was ignored by the people of that country. Abuses of government power always start small—violating the rights of a few individuals. As government gets away with abuse of power, its thirst for power and its audacity will inevitably grow. Whose property will be next? Join me and make a stand.

Please call me if you’d like to help with my campaign. I can be reached at (865) 599-6104.

Randy Sadler

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