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Open for Business

nose to the grindstone

A round-up of Knoxville retail and restaurant news

Beauty Fanatics Take Note!

Sephora, the European beauty chain famous for its Bare Escentuals products, is opening a new location in West Town Mall on Feb. 29. Sephora will be offering unique skin care products, makeup, fragrances, and much more, giving fashion-savvy Knoxvillians some long-anticipated beauty care options. Sephora operates on a philosophy that allows clients to have a hands-on experience with their products before purchasing them, and with over 15,000 products, customers will certainly have their hands full. The chain also offers exclusive items such as the revolutionary new hair removal system no!no!, which allows for pain-free long term hair removal, as well as the Clarisonic skin care brush that revamps dull skin and cleanses pores. A percentage of all sales on the grand opening-day will be donated to the Knoxville affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a fundraising network seeking a cure for breast cancer.

Late-Night Sushi

Been hoping for sushi on the Strip? Thanks to longtime Stir Fry Cafe chef Chin Thommachanh, the wait is over. Chin opened Yama Tora last November and it has since developed quite a following. The late-night ambience looks like your typical college scene, except with the addition of occasional break-dancing on top of the Asian backdrop. Yama Tora serves Hibachi-style Japanese dishes, along with the sushi selection that they offer until the wee hours. Itâ’s open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays, and on the weekends it opens at 11 a.m. and closing is determined by customer turnout.

Have a Little Sole

TOMS Shoes is embarking on a college tour called â“style your soleâ” that will be making a stop in Knoxville. TOMS offers earthy, comfortable shoes with the bonus of guilt-free indulgenceâ"for every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need. â“Not only is the shoe cool, but while wearing it, you know that a child who maybe has never even owned their own pair of shoes is wearing a pair because of you,â” says UT rep Whitney Novak. The first batch of shoes TOMS collected went to Argentina, and they recently delivered 50,000 pairs to South Africa. TOMS will be at Barleyâ’s Taproom on Feb. 25 from 7 p.m.-11 p.m. You can pre-order shoes online through, or you can buy a pair of white slip-ons and design them at the event. Barleyâ’s will be providing music by Mac Comer along with pianist David Lothamer.

Southern Living Loves Le Parigo

Local French restaurant Le Parigo was nominated one of the â“Best Meals in the Southâ” by Southern Living. The magazine based its decision on the overall food, ambience, and service Le Parigo offers. Each menu item on the 3 Course Menu is uniquely created on a daily basis and aims to please the Southern palate. Located atop Bearden Hill, Le Parigo will be hitting its second anniversary on May 1. The restaurant and bar was founded by French-born resident Cedric Coant, with the goal of providing Knoxvillians with top quality food and service. â“We were not waiting for this,â” says Coant. â“We had been voted Best of Knoxville, but this nomination is a very big thing because Southern Living has 16 million readers.â” Le Parigo is open Tues. thru Sun. from 5 p.m.-10 p.m. with extended bar hours.

More Chicken Strips for the Strip

Construction for a new Zaxbyâ’s is underway at 2024 Cumberland Ave. It will be Knoxvilleâ’s first location, although there are several in surrounding cities. The Zaxbyâ’s franchise recently experienced turmoil in Sevier County when the state government temporarily seized the property for unpaid taxes. Regional manager and Knoxville resident Denice DeVito says sheâ’s opening the store in hopes that Knoxville can provide â“a great opportunity for Zaxbyâ’s to grow.â” Zaxbyâ’s will be offering a plethora of chicken dishes to contend with those already available on the Strip, and is scheduled to open within the next month. â" Nicole Pike


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