Giving Horse Haven a Leg Up

Ways to contribute

Horse Haven, a 5019(c)(3) non-profit, receives zilch in government funding and racks up tens of thousands of dollars each year in expenses. So how does it stay afloat? The answer is, it wouldn't if not for a generous network of adopters, donors and volunteers. Here are a few ways you can join the effort:


If you think you can provide a happy, healthy, lifetime home for a special-needs equine, consider adoption. Or, become a Virtual Equine Sponsor for a horse that is still under Horse Haven's roof. The organization hosts monthly "Neigh and Bray Adoption Day" to allow people to come out, visit with the animals, and learn more about the program. Contact Horse Haven by e-mail for upcoming dates.


Horse Haven is grateful for each and every gift it receives. The organization maintains a wish list on its website along with a host of creative and fulfilling avenues through which you can donate money and supplies. (Bug in our ear: Horse Haven is currently on the hunt for a new facility as well.) Visit for more information.


Whether you're handy with a computer or a pitchfork, Horse Haven can use your help. A range of opportunities are available for volunteers age 12 and up. Training sessions are held during adoption days. A volunteer manual and session registration forms are available on the Horse Haven website.