Sidebar: Fry It Up In a Pan?

Local and regional bacon fiends say definitely do try this at home:

Chocolate dipped bacon. "Take a piece of cooked, drained bacon and dip it in melted dark, bittersweet chocolate," says Appalachian cooking expert Mark Sohn, father of BaconFest organizer Laura Sohn. "Then sprinkle peanuts on top—halves of roasted, salted peanuts."

Bacon-baked chicken thighs. "Wrap a chicken thigh in a slice of bacon, secure it with a toothpick, dip it in crumbs, and bake it in the oven on a broiler rack," says Mark Sohn. "The chicken receives the flavor from the bacon grease as it bakes."

Bacon bread pudding. "Lately, what I've been doing in the cold weather is making quasi-bread pudding from leftover cornbread," says Stanton Webster, a manager of Nama who will be curating BaconFest 2010. "I cook up some bacon, toss in a few apples—I used sweet potato chunks one time—toss in day-old cornbread, eggs, cream, just like regular bread pudding. Only I leave out the vanilla and the sugar and substitute thyme."