Fmr. Mayor Victor Ashe's Favorite Power Center

Former Power Broker: Victor Ashe

Unlikely Power Center: Breakfast at Krystal

Foes of Victor Ashe had to get up early in the morning if they were going to try to beat him, and if they wanted to join him, it would have to be at the Krystal on Cumberland Avenue. The former mayor is still in Poland, winding up his gig as ambassador there, but he was kind enough to share his thoughts via e-mail about the virtue of power breakfasts:

"As for the Krystal, I have purchased coffee there for over 30 years. It was always the cheapest but best coffee around in my opinion. Sometimes when the Varsity Inn was still open, I would upgrade and take guests across Cumberland for ‘finer dining." The Cumberland Avenue spot has been my favorite due to its terrific location and it almost never closes...just Christmas and Thanksgiving.

"Why the Krystal? Good location on the Strip and near downtown. No one would think to find me there (until everyone learned that's where I met and it was no longer a secret)... fast service, dependable food... I did breakfast as I could accomplish my mission in less time and still start the day on time at the office (around 8:30).

"While the dining location is much grander here, I have started hosting breakfasts here at the Ambassador's Residence in Warsaw. This is a relatively new concept as Poles tend to do lunch and dinner... not breakfast. However, it has gone over well and it accomplishes the goal of transacting business, less costly (stretching my budget further) and less time consumed. I once hosted Defense Secretary [Robert] Gates and Polish military leaders here for breakfast as well as members of Congress and Polish leaders too."