Experiences of a Knoxville Cyclist

Monica Miller prefers her two-wheeled transportation.

Bicyclist Monica Miller is an architectural designer at Elizabeth Eason Architecture. She cycles from Parkridge to her office on Jackson Avenue, and also all over. She says yeah, it's better on a bike. Specifically:

"Riding into downtown is much more exciting on a bicycle than in a car."

"You get ‘preferred customer parking' everywhere you go."

"You're independent, and never stuck with people who don't want to do what you want to do."

"Seeing and being seen. You see people you wouldn't see if you weren't on a bike, and people see you. So you just go out and instantly you have plans for later."

"Preservation Pub on Wednesday nights after 7. Always a lot of bicyclists there."

"Some rowdy, not-to-be-missed events are the Tour de Lights. It's a Christmas-themed freak show. On the Fourth of July there's the Freedom Thighs ride. People dress up patriotically and decorate their bikes to demonstrate that their thighs can make them less dependant on foreign oil. And in January there's the Alley Cat/No Child Left Behind Race. That's sponsored by Tennessee Valley Bicycles. You race from school to school, many of which are abandoned, and you take a quiz at each school. Last year folks didn't do too well on quiz questions about the Middle East."

"The quickest way out of town is Riverside Drive to Holston Hills Park. You can ride to the UT Farm out there, which has great views of the river. Or you can go to Boyd's Bridge and cross the river to all those great rides. You go from downtown to country roads like that."

"Everybody should ride their bike on Kingston Pike during a UT football game. It's like the end times or something. Just make sure you know when the game is over."

"This involves a car. But everybody should ride the Cades Cove loop on a night when there's a full moon."