discomfort (2006-21)

Our Side, Their Side

Think a wall is going to stop illegal immigration? Get real

by Steve Dupree

You have got to be bullshitting me! This nation has completely lost its logical mind, and as a result, I am losing my presumption of goodwill and just about any respect I ever had for our “leaders.”

Of course, I am speaking now of the incredibly idiotic discussion that our alleged leaders, and no small few of our ordinary citizens, are having about illegal immigration. I stand in complete awe that there is actually someone with the huge chutzpah and ignorance to publicly suggest or support either the construction of a border fence/wall or the deployment of troops to the border to halt the border crossings. Allow me to explain.

There is but one reason for the vast majority of the southern border crossings. Opportunity. The overwhelming majority of those crossing are of one Latin American nationality or another. They come here because they can find work here. They can find work because of the employers willing to hire them to gain an edge in profitability and/or time to market with their product. Abject poverty here is not really any better than abject poverty at home; it is just lonelier.

The obvious and simple place to halt immigration is at the point of opportunity. The way to do that is by utilizing a set of walls already in place. We call them prisons. Simply sentence to five years in prison (no parole) anyone who knowingly hires illegal immigrants. Those who do so unknowingly, but with clearly insufficient efforts on verifying the status of those they hire, should at the least be fined heavily.

There are, for all intents and purposes, no jobs that Americans will not do if offered sufficient remuneration. This is the foundation of the free market economy. The cost and value of an object or service should be determined by how much it costs to make it available using ethical and legal methods. By hiring illegals, the employers are circumventing the very free market that so many of them trumpet as their fiscal God. I will pick tomatoes for $50 per hour. Suitably compensated construction work is certainly not beneath me.

However, even if it is currently impossible to find Americans to do a certain job, there are legal and proper channels and methods to go through to find those who will come here to the jobs. Those efforts should only be undertaken if no Americans can be found to do the job, not simply because someone thinks I charge too much to do the job.

I truly am amazed that anyone really thinks that I, or they, should be willing to give up my, or their, tax dollars to pay for a huge project or standing army whose whole purpose is to ensure compliance with the law by profiteering employers. Whatever do we have the justice system for if not to enforce the law and to find and punish lawbreakers?

I willingly acknowledge that by now, significant portions of our economy depend on the labor of the illegals for support. Perhaps enough of our economy to cause a crash were the steps I proposed immediately put into place. I also understand the stupidity of cutting off your nose to spite your face. In light of that, I see little choice but for a general amnesty right now with a concurrent instatement of a no leeway policy.

Make those who are currently here legal to be here. Give them papers. Let/make them pay taxes. Ensure that they are paid at legal levels and in general treated in such a fashion that we would not be ashamed for Jesus Christ, as he is described in the New Testament of the Bible, whether you believe in him or not, to know about it. Pick a date, I’ll call it yesterday, and make that the cutoff point. Any workers who cannot prove that they were here yesterday will net you several years in prison if you hire them. Period.

Watch what happens when there is no more opportunity for undocumented immigrants. No more yard work, no more odd jobs, no more construction, no housekeeping, no more nothing except deportation if discovered. We would destroy a despicable cottage industry that causes the deaths of far too many for the crime of being hopeful of something better for their families. We would ensure that those who are here, whether born here or legal immigrants, know that they are getting a fair shake. We might just find out the real costs of some things that we currently take for granted.

Most importantly, we would place the blame and burden for illegal immigration right where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of those who choose to employ them and thereby entice them into coming.

Any questions?