The Derek Dooley Quote Quiz

Can you identify the four genuine Dooley quotes among the other quotes from former Vols coaches?

We're already kind of attached to Derek Dooley's Ward Cleaver meets Andy Griffith style of speaking. But is he really all that different than your typical Vol coach? See if you can match his four quotes in this list to him, and the others to one of his various predecessors. Hint: they may have said this at any time in their coaching careers, or even in post-Vol years.

Choices in alphabetical order:

1 x Bill Battle, 1970-1976

4 x Derek Dooley

1 x Phillip Fulmer, 1992-2008

2 x Lane Kiffin, 2009

1 x Johnny Majors, 1977-1992

2 x Robert Neyland, 1926-1952, with a 1- and 5-year break

1 x Bowden Wyatt, 1955-1962

1. On defense:

"My advice to defensive players: Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in a bad humor."

2. On who's gonna play:

"If you can get your math done, we might play you next year."

(Addressing a school-age boy who asked him about the upcoming fall lineup.)

3. On discipline:

"If a trash can's supposed to be facing a certain way in the building and it stays in that area, that's what I expect. And if it's not, I'm going to be on somebody."

4. On consistency:

"The team that makes the fewest mistakes wins."

5. On messing up:

"We made enough mistakes tonight to lose three, four, or five football games..."

6. On being stubborn:

"A team that won't be beat can't be beat."

7. On relatives speaking to the media:

"She's violated the media policy and she doesn't give a damn what I say."

8. On leaving:

"I've always appreciated my association with the University of Tennessee, even though I was deceived in the worst way possible by a few individuals."

9. On an embarrassing team:

"Next time we come here, I'm bringing a box of Sharpies so you can get their autograph. 'Cause that's how we played."

10. On Florida:

"Every week, you can usually find something on film to get excited about, something to exploit. They don't have anything. Those guys, to me, look like they have 11 NFL prospects."

11. On being fired:

"Class is, when they run you out of town, to look like you're leading the parade."

12. On new traditions:

"I'm really looking forward to embracing some of the great traditions at the University of Tennessee, for instance, the Vol Walk, running through the T, singing Rocky Top all night long..."

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1. Bowden Wyatt, head coach 1955-1962.

2. Derek Dooley as reported by Chattanooga Times Free Press, May 6, 2010.

3. Derek Dooley, after practice quote as reported in Rocky Top Talk, Aug. 9, 2010.

4. Gen. Neyland, No. 1 of his famous "Seven Maxims of Football."

5. Phillip Fulmer's press conference comment regarding UT's Sept. 1 loss to UCLA in 2008.

6. Gen. Neyland, not one of his "Seven Maxims of Football," but from his complete list of 38.

7. Derek Dooley, regarding his mother Barbara, after she revealed on the NCAA Football Fanhouse daily radio show in Nashville that she nicknamed him "Precious" as a child (NCAA Football Fanhouse, June 3, 2010).

8. Johnny Majors to reporter Matthew Everett in Metro Pulse, Sept. 2, 2009. He was fired as head coach during the 1992 season.

9. Derek Dooley's speech to Louisiana Tech team after their loss to LSU in his first game as head coach. (NCAA Football Fanhouse, June 3, 2010).

10. Lane Kiffin, news conference, Sept. 15, 2009, regarding the Gators.

11. Bill Battle from Sports Illustrated, "They Said It," Dec. 13, 1976. Battle started in 1970 and was fired in 1976.

12. Lane Kiffin, news conference, Dec. 1, 2008. Note the end of the quote is "after beating Florida."