Bonus: More Lists About Knoxville That Aren't Quite as Awesome But Still Pretty Interesting

13 Prominent Knoxville Community Leaders Who Were Immigrants From Non-English-Speaking Countries

Peter Staub, Knoxville mayor and show-biz developer (Switzerland)

Peter Kern, Knoxville mayor, baker, confectioner, and holiday promoter (Germany)

Max Arnstein, major entrepreneur, philanthropist, builder of Knoxville's first "skyscraper" (Germany)

Jorge Farragut, early settler, soldier, ferryman (Spain)

Gustav Knabe, musician, Knoxville's first orchestra leader, composer, "Father of Music in East Tennessee" (Germany)

Ignaz Fanz, sausage-maker and alderman (Germany?)

Frank Hockenjos, cigar-maker and longtime city councilman (Germany)

Alfred Clauss, developer, Knoxville's first modernist architect (Germany)

Ivan Racheff, industrialist, public gardener (Hungary?)

The original Regas brothers, prominent restaurateurs

Max Friedman, businessman, prominent 18-year member of city council, Salvation Army director, community leader (Poland)

Louis Gratz, North Knoxville's first mayor (Germany)

12 Things You Can Actually Buy for a Dollar or Less at the Dollar General Store, 4011 N. Broadway:

1. L.A. Colors Art Deco Nails, silver glitter (Precision pointed art brush included!)

2. Nursery Rhymes Pop-Up Book (50 percent off original price of $1.50.)

3. Nu South Lemonade USA (100 percent vitamin C. CONTAINS NO JUICE.)

4. Green feather duster (Made in China.)

5. 25 Peanuts Latex Free Adhesive Bandages

6. 3 TrueLiving plastic ice cream bowls (Made in China. Hand wash only.)

7. 30 Belle Pony Sox (Made in China.)

8. Margaret Holmes Diced Rutabagas (Great Taste Since 1838. Clearance price, 55 cents.)

9. Room Decor football-themed self-adhesive wallpaper (Made in China. Specification and colors of contents may vary from illustration.)

10. 12-pack Magic Grow Planes Trains & Cars (Made in China. Not a food product.)

11. Red-and-white checked TrueLiving placemat (Made in China. Spot clean only.)

12. Bible Rhymes Story Time David & Goliath children's book ("God's army saw a sight one day/ That made them quake with fright/ A giant—nine feet tall—appeared!/ He was an awesome sight.")

5 Notable Obelisks

Parson Brownlow grave, Old Gray

Tyson Family grave, Old Gray

Kesterson family grave, Greenwood

McClung family grave, Greenwood

Abner Baker monument, deliberately broken at the top, First Presbyterian Churchyard

5 Buildings Radically Altered From Their Original State

The Bijou Theatre: For 90 years, the front part of the building was just a hotel with a barber shop and saloon.

Regas Restaurant: What's there today is just the bottom part of what was once a five-story hotel.

Federal Courthouse: Originally, it was the headquarters for an international magazine and television company that used the courtyard for badminton games and ice-cream socials.

Custom House: The most recent addition reaches the building all the way to Gay Street; the original 1874 federal courtroom is now a library reading room.

Masonic Temple on Locust Street: This building is a radically remodeled and simplified version of an ornate Victorian mansion of business tycoon Charles McClung McGhee

8 Institutions Named for Union Officers in the Civil War

Fort Sanders (neighborhood and hospital chain)

Farragut (building, town, etc.)

Rule High (defunct)

Bearden (community)

Brownlow School condominiums

Forts Dickerson, Higley, and Stanley

Four Principal Creeks

1. First Creek

2. Second Creek

3. Third Creek

4. Fourth Creek